Dating thin women

dating thin women

Maybe that's my own shallowness rearing its ugly head!
All I know is that men need to change their perception of fat women and give us a chance.
Just to prove this woman looking for a woman dating theory of mine, I posted pictures of myself when I was not so fat.
Before I end this Hub, I do have to mention that I did get a man who wasnt my fathers age send me some instant messages!Youve heard the saying, "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach"?Yes, I thought, someone is interested in me for more than my looks.I think the solution to meeting a man is to either lose weight or give up on men and become a nun or lesbian.I think this is true.Go figure the guy was a complete weirdo.

But my takeaway from this online dating situation is that it proves to me that men just don't like fat women.
This is quite depressing to me as a Christian myself.
Updated on December 12, 2016, i don't want to generalize fat or thin women, but I find that fat women often have more of an appreciation for food.
The elephant in the room is the statement I make in the "What are your personal goals" section.Most men also have an appreciation for food.Every man I've dated has appreciated my amazing baking and cooking skills, and if you asked them what they miss about me, they would probably first say, "Her tacos and burritos.To make things worse, the site I joined is a Christian dating site, and I thought Christian men would be less shallow.If you're a man, stop acting as if you've never done this.I state that I'm overweight and one of my personal goals is to lose weight and get healthy.