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50.940496.97424 66 Bahnhof Köln-Deutz.
Like many German cities and areas, Cologne also has a local dialect, called Kölsch, however all speakers will also be familiar with German.
Most Altstadt pubs are somewhat scorned as "tourist naughty adults only vacations traps" by locals, however: prices here are usually higher than.g.Credits: Barbara McManus, 1988 mosaic head of Aristotle ; detail of head : from large mosaic depicting Greek philosophers Cologne, Romisch-Germanisches Museum.Stadtgarten, Venloer Straße 42 ( Subway to Friesenplatz, walk 5 minutes ).50.940056.93319 3 pepe, Antwerpener Straße 63 ( near Stadtgarten and west of Friesenplatz ).Who was the Roman general who extended the borders of the Roman Empire as far as the Rhine in 54/53 BC and made an alliance with the Germanic tribe of the Ubii?In Search of the Roman Army: A Visit to the Roemisch-Germanisches Museum by Jenny Cline, Editor websites ON THE history OF THE colony.Away from the landmarks, workers find kiel of the Deutsche Bahn (German railways) often speak English reasonably well, and ticket machines have a language selection feature.Nothing (but the airport) in walking distance.(updated Jul 2017) Fish market place and Groß.

It is also a gateway to the forested hills of the Eifel region.
Map of Roman Empire (150 CE).
At Lunchtime they usually have a special, that will give you a square meal for 6-7 Euro.Some rooms feature Nespresso machines and a glass partition between bedroom and bathroom.Regular: 5, reduced.In general, older local swinger clubs people in Cologne tend to have little or no knowledge of English, while younger Germans and those working in the business world tend to be reasonably proficient.Museum Ludwig, Bischofsgartenstraße 1 ( U-Bahn: Dom/Hbf, behind the dom, fax:, e-mail.