Find kiel

find kiel

Do not choose to give your assistance to the Sushi Master or you will not be able to buy more Raw Fish until you give him the items he asked for.
Speak to her a second time and she'll find something weird.
Not wanting to alert the guardsman outside, you need to find a way past.
Results found: 3 2005 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G-500 18:55 Price: 15 235 USD.In this hidden room, there will be two test tubes.Talk to him and select "You look worried, what's up?".Select "Give Pet Food" to toss the dog some of the Pet Food you bought earlier and it'll let you.You will receive a Toy Key.Finding yourself in a tiny room, talk to the Mysterious Woman.Poslassified AD - fast, easy and free."Examine" at this map.Give the box to Cezu in Juno, and she'll make out a separate box with the Flour and Eggs you need for Elly.Go to the Juno Bar again and select "I need more wine.!".

Open this door naughty adults only vacations using the Black Keycard.
Note: As of testing the quest Feb 25, 2011, party members were not able to enter the final room where Kiehl was located following the instructions below (entering before the main quest player).
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Dispatch these and make your way to the center of the room.
Talk to the Guardsman on watch at the Cottage."Try Blue Liquid" on the documents you found earlier, and you'll reveal a poem.The heat is in working condition.If you want to keep your contact info confidential enter only your email address so you will receive offers into your account in our system.Make your way to the fifth and final room.Note: At this point, NPC dialog should be initiated by only one player.