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Any commander who spoke the truth would lose his head.
There would be no income, no job.
According to a mid-level IIS official, the IIS successfully targeted scientists from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, China, and several other countries to acquire new military and defense-related technologies for Iraq.
His initial instruction was to use.Saddam was approached with this issue by Aziz during or after the Council of Ministers meeting.Former advisors have also suggested that Saddam never concluded that the United States would attempt to overthrow him with an invasion.Abd-al-Tawab Abdallah Al Mullah Huwaysh said Saddam intervened in all of his ministries and agencies where and when he saw fit.Saddam sought foremost personal and Regime survival against several foreign and domestic enemies.A high-level missile official of Al Karamahh State Company said that in 1997 Huwaysh requested him to convert a Volga (SA-2) air defense missile into a surface-to-surface missile.

He recalled no discussions among Regime members about how to preserve WMD expertise per se, but he observed there were clear efforts to maintain knowledge and skills in the nuclear field.
This time, however, the price of a barrel of oil declined to 23 in July from a price of 25 in May.
He warned that Iraq will use weapons that will match the weapons used against us by our enemy, but in any case, under no circumstances shall we ever relinquish Iraq.
Saddam reserved the right to make final decisions, and former advisors reveal that he often disregarded their advice.
According to Tariq Aziz, Husayn Kamil was a second lieutenant when Saddam became president in July 1979.He talked to a group of sycophants who simply told him he had a great idea.Iraq possessed a skilled foreign ministry and able technocrats in all branches of government.Toward the end of his rule Saddam became more reclusive and relied even less upon advisors for decision-making, while turning more and more to relatives.Such a justification would also serve to add resolve to those managing the occupation Top of page).Saddams subordinates realized that the tactical use of WMD had beaten Iran.Although Russia and France were putting pressure on Iraq, Saddam felt the risk of war and even invasion warranted re-acceptance of inspections.As it was during the period of the unscom inspections, the Higher Committee was re-established in 2002, this time headed by Vice-President Ramadan, in order to prepare for the unmovic missions.Saddams debriefer was fully aware of ISGs information needs and developed a strategy to elicit candid answers us savings bond maturity dates value and insights into Saddams personality and role in strategy-related issues.Iraq accepted OFF in May 1996 and oil began to flow in December 1996; revenues from this program gradually increased.11 billion annually in 1998 (see the Regime Finance and Procurement chapter).